How could paradise look like today?

Angelika Fitz

Architekturzentrum Wien

Like the ideal city, paradise does not exist, because our ideas of it are too distinct. The only thing that helps is letting go: what was lost on the carousel can be regained on the swing.

Bettina Leidl


In their current engagement with still life, artists reflect on the possibility of reinvigorating the traditional nature morte composition. The worldly pursuit of happiness has, after all, replaced the hope for salvation and for the return to paradise.

Christian Strasser

Q21/MuseumsQuartier Wien

In art, there are countless representations of paradise. For me, paradise is a place where all are equal, where one feels at ease and is capable of doing many things, but is not coerced into doing anything. The MuseumsQuartier is one such place.

Christoph Thun-Hohenstein


If we want paradise, we must create it together – a world loudly resonant with our finest qualities.

Eva Blimlinger

Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

In contemporary paradise, war and borders are unknown. Friendly people are able to live good lives. Everyone participates in art and culture in some way or other. No one can be expelled.

Gerald Bast

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

The way to hell on earth is paved with promises of paradise. Good art sharpens our ability to see behind surfaces, and so it lends us strength in searching for a better world.

Gudrun Marecek

Nitsch Foundation

Every beloved object is the very center of any paradise. That is why we need equality and tolerance instead of war.

Hans-Peter Wipplinger

Leopold Museum

Heraclitus knew the one constant was change. Even for ideas of paradise. Art questions and reacts in seismographic ways to transformation.

Herwig Kempinger


Art IS paradise.

Hubert Klocker

Sammlung Friedrichshof Stadtraum

The idea of paradise as a visualization of an intensely felt state of happiness has led to great works of art. Today, neuropharmacology appears to be responsible for this.

Johanna Schwanberg

Dom Museum Wien

In art, I experience paradisical moments ensuing from the sensuousness of color or form, or the presence of small, interpersonal gestures in a work.

Karola Kraus

mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien

Having the carte blanche to realize all our visions in the near future would be paradisical.

Klaus Albrecht Schröder


In paradise on earth, there would be no fear, pain, injustice, violence, exploitation, or repression. We would still have to bear the burdens of sickness, death, and the loss of beloved people, but life would be easier.

Martina Taig

KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien

Art mediates between the everyday and cultural worlds. It links the past to future, its content and temporality are open. It is characterized by networked thinking and the courage to experiment.

Michael Loebenstein

Österreichisches Filmmuseum

As a utopia (“ou tópos” – “non-place”), paradise is fleeting, constantly eluding. Isn’t film the most paradisical of all art forms?

Monika Pessler

Sigmund Freud Museum

An escapist notion of paradise is characteristically derived from wishful thinking, Freud might say. But which worldly circumstances and threats does it owe its power?

Nicolaus Schafhausen

Kunsthalle Wien

In times of social indifference, contemporary paradise can be a place of longing where alienation is examined. Art can open spaces for self-determination.

Peter Bogner

Österreichische Friedrich und Lillian Kiesler-Privatstiftung

What should prevail in paradise now? Happiness in lieu of greed, interest instead of investment, dignity rather than envy, freedom not flight, harmony instead of arrogance, leisure not mass, beauty in place of stress, art instead of commerce.

Peter Zawrel

Künstlerhaus 1050

Paradise will likely never prevail in the art world, and that makes for tremendous motivation for optimists like us!

Sabine Haag

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Man has always projected paradise into the here and now. Ever since antiquity, the term has occupied an essential role in all art forms. With this in mind: “Paradise Now!”

Stella Rollig


Existing beyond our perceptions of time and space, paradise can never be found in the contemporary. It can only be elucidated through contemporary means. My idea of paradise: a life where contradictions have been overcome.


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