Performance | Talk: „Wund E rrr N“

Photo: Dom Museum Wien Anders Krisár, Arm (right), 2006 Courtesy Anders Krisár

Artist Hannes Priesch performs and talks to Johanna Schwanberg and Gustav Schörghofer

A performance by Styrian artist Hannes Priesch explores the connections between wounds and miracles. As part of the exhibition “Show me your wound” at Dom Museum, the performance “Wund E rrr N” deals with the body in need of care.

Hannes Priesch, who began his artistic career at the Galerie nächst St. Stephan in Vienna, now lives near Graz and in New York. With the aid of painting, sculpture, film and performance, he uncovers the political and religious elements of many everyday actions and thereby creates an awareness of them. Among other things, Priesch critically explores traditional icons and the lives of saints. In “Wund E rrr N” he also seeks out the paradisiac content of a situation that is beyond our influence.