Exhibition: “Beat me up, post-internet influencer! (Objects/Time/Cracks)”

George Rei, Door, 2010 © George Rei

This issue of “Kunstsalon” examines stories, pictures and aesthetics that deal with the conditions currently prevalent in art production. In addition to the paradox Panopticon of self-presentation, there are attempts to design conditions for artistic practice that do not reflexively follow the forced logic of an economy of attention craving. The exhibition is a clear statement against the omnipresent concepts of exemplary authenticity, subject-oriented authorship, and an obsession with the autonomy of artworks.

Works by: Wolfgang Breuer, K8 Hardy, Georg Petermichl, Heti Prack, George Rei, Sabine Schwaighofer, Linda Stupart, Astrid Wagner, Rudolf Weidenauer. Curator: Christian Egger