A call to save: the safe place!

Photo: Sattva Giacossa Me-tripple : self portrait. digital, Work: La Partida 2016  Barcelona-Vienna

Why is it important in times of economic and political crisis that visual artists are being paid for their work? No society can afford that precarious artistic positions drop out their work. The exhibition shows in the context of the campaign PAY THE ARTIST NOW! the works of three artists created for this project, who are in search of strategic solutions as well as answers to the following questions: how persons forced into precarity due to intersectional reasons can come to their proper payment? How do I negotiate an artist fee, which does not cover only the production costs, but also the time of the artistic research?

Artists: Anna Vasof, Sattva Giacosa und Raju Rage
Curator: Carla Bobadilla

Exhibition from Nov, 23rd 2018 - Jan, 25th 2019