Line Up

Di., 20. Nov. 2018
14.30–21.30 Uhr
MAK Wien, Vortragssaal

Carola Dertnig, Again Audience Extended, 2018 Foto: Lauren Klocker

Encompassing talks, screenings, lectures, performances and a musical intervention, the discursive marathon event of VIENNA ART WEEK 2018 presents artistic projects and ideas that fathom the paradisiac potential of art, performance, design, and architecture, or try to represent paradise as a myth-enshrouded nonplace. It is about paradises that are promising, but also about a paradise that has been promised: while the former concept is an affirmation of a transfigured place that can exist only as a utopian, nonexistent entity, the latter idea uses the promise of paradise as a rhetorical device of persua­sion that can be misused for political purposes.

Concept by
Robert Punkenhofer, artictic director of VIENNA ART WEEK
Angela Stief, curator and publicist



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